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Amateur photo
Miroslav Najman

All photos are made on camera PRAKTICA super TL by myself. I am using film Fujicolor ISO 400 usually. Details are take through inserted rings (between camera and objective). Photos are processed on usual photolab to size 9 x 13 cm. Pictures are getting to PC by scanner.

Mushrooms on dump in opencast mine Horkovec.
Biggest one had diameter 1 feet.

Sculpture of freedom in Cobenhaven and sunrise on ferry Denmark - Sweden.

Town hall in Oslo city, view from airplane to Oslofjord and glacier Jostedalsbreen (Norway).

Small colony of lady birds. Elevation is 934 metres above the sea level, top of Doupov mountains, Hradiste hill. These small animals was found on the top. It is could weather for lady birds, isn't it?

Butterfly on medow near Vrchlabi town, bee on the garden on Mala Skala village near Turnov town and snails on the same place. Bell is from the Doupov mountains.

Abandoned autumn hop field. Near Rakovnik town.

West part of my village at the first picture. Castle Karlstejn at the second. Both views are from the board of L 410 turboprop OK-WYI airplane.

Runway 22 in Praha - Ruzyne during Aerosalon.

Two alternative views from the board of Beechjet 400 OK-UZI aircraft.

In the fire is something magic for me. As like for small boy. The first picture is view to ordinary coal boiler before putting, on the second is combustion chamber of woodgas boiler in action. On the third is ordinary fireplace, made from metallic plate.


Krkonose mountains.

I like different phenomenones on the sky too. This sunset was near airport Ruzyne behind radionavigation beacons. Time of exposure is 1/8 second, camera is in my hands, without stand. When i was not a little drunk and not out of breath after ride on the bicycle, the picture would be certainly blured.

Sky in Krkonose mountains at the morning and night sky near Turnov town.

And next five sunsets...

Miroslav Najman
e-mail: mina@ure.cz